Touch me without seeing you

Touch me without seeing you

Perhaps we are not accustomed to the weirdness of life despite all the temptations; We learned from a young age that the eyes have an unmistakable language, and that the older of us has affection in the little one, and more lessons and judgment in the meaning of life and the beauty of its details, but our bodies have become farther away and our souls are neglected, although their way of communication is easier! Easier ..

But he turned a blind eye, social media platforms created unseen barriers between those we love and those we might love, paved the way without a sidewalk, and honored us with the means despite the bad tax.

 The standard of knowledge is no longer the number of books and pages, but the number of hours of work on the platforms of fire and sparks, and with various passions!

Although the goal needs many times to draw attention and attract focus to achieve the marketing goal in various ways, not less than 6-8 times for your subconscious mind.

 Anytime wasted and a gap widening more between sincere moments and pictures stated with "Click here for more" We return at the end of our day to a mattress with abundant comfort, as if we are returning from exile to the homeland! It is nothing but a fleeting feeling before a new day begins with that bitter expression:
 “I am like me, and one of us is like the other.” Do you think that you are able to make sacrifice in exchange for ceasing to keep up with reality and keeping up with the new? What we feared became a reality, and what we thought was undesirable became within our hopes, and it gets worse when it becomes a source of survival and success!

Some touch the vortex and some live immersed in its manufacture, losing the truth of life and searching for the gains of loss, so no matter how much I try to reach you, it becomes difficult to reach the point where the soul meets and reveals the secret of wounds, which is what we seek with ourselves, or whose faces are represented by the names and images of institutions and organizations And others in social media platforms, seeking to gain your attention by creating human links as much as possible that simulate daily events, regular discussions, bring beautiful memories, and many of humanity's continuous innovations, in order to achieve the goal: "Touch me without seeing you."

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